One of the first things to do when setting up a SMSF is establishing a compliant trust deed to determine how the SMSF will operate.


We can assist with establishing new SMSF trust deeds with all the documentation required to meet the complex legal obligations with minimum stress. 

For existing funds, as Superannuation Law is often changing we also offer a Deed Review Service to ensure a deed is still in line with all recent changes. If the deed is found to be in need of changes, we can arrange an Amended Trust Deed to bring it up to date.

SMSF Options

When you start a new SMSF you need to look into whether you want a corporate trustee or an individual trustee. 

We usually recommend clients get a corporate trustee as it’s the only option to manage your SMSF by yourself, succession planning becomes easier and it can be more cost effective. 

It is a very small cost directly to ASIC of $53 per year but there are  numerous benefits of a corporate trustee.

There are numerous benefits to a corporate trustee including:

  • Administrative ease of not having to change trustees on every piece of investment paperwork if one member of the SMSF dies or decides to leave to fund voluntarily. (Otherwise be prepared to get a grieving widow to sign a hundred documents.)
  • Allow a single member fund to exist, otherwise our grieving widow in the last example is required to shutdown the fund upon her husband’s death or immediately find another member to join.
  • It also provides additional liability protections to the trustees should the SMSF ever invest in riskier assets such as direct property.

The costs of setting up a new SMSF include:

  • $495 – ASIC Fee for Setup of special purpose Corporate Trustee
  • $350 – Legal fees for SMSF Deed
  • $250 – Class Super First Year Fee
  • $600 – Accounting fee for setup, create initial audit file, investment strategy, rollover funds, complete ABN and TFN applications and preparation of files you’ll need to open the bank account
  • $1,695+GST – Total fees with finance options available if the client prefers to pay for the setup once the funds are rolled over

These fees are accurate as of July 2019 and  can be reimbursed to the client from the SMSF once the setup is completed if the client so chooses.

The regular costs to maintain a basic SMSF under $3million include:

  • $300 – Annual auditing 
  • $250 – Cass Super Fee
  • $550 – Annual accounting, tax lodgement and annual administration fees
  • $1,100+GST Total

These fees are accurate as of July 2019.

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If you’re looking to have your self-managed super fund set up or managed directly, please check out our SMSF Direct Services